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Slivovitz is a musical collective born in September 2001 and ever since it hasn’t stopped moving, growing, changing shape and direction always in the groove of instrumental music related to ethnically tuned jazz rock. Neurotic, restless and of course striving to shifting during these years, starting from Naples, they have been playing throughout Italy and also reached Hungary (Budapest Sziget Festival, Debrecem, Veszprem, Ocs...), Germany (Berlin), Spain (Barcelona) , Serbia (Nisville Jazz Festival, Belgrade) Croatia (Zagreb) and Austria (Mumyuha Festival Hochneukirchen). They have published three records : Slivovitz (Ethnoworld 2005), Hubris (recorded in 2007 and released by Moonjune in 2009) and Bani Ahead (Moonjune 2011).
The line up evolved during the years around the hard-core formed by Derek di Perri (harmonica) Marcello Giannini (guitars) Pietro Santangelo (saxophones) and Riccardo Villari (violin). With Domenico Angarano (bass) and Stefano Costanzo (drums) they produced and recorded their first and second releases : the homonymous “Slivovitz” (Ethnoworld 2005) and “Hubris” (Moonjune 2009) which also features Ludovica Manzo on vocals.
Their last work, “Bani Ahead” (Moonjune 2011), which features Salvatore Rainone on drums and Ciro Riccardi on trumpet, sounds stylistically more homogeneous than the previous: eight tracks, recorded in the open countryside at Zork Studio (Buccino, Salerno) by Daniele Chiariello and mixed in Sorrento by Peppe de Angelis with vintage equipment, that sounds distinctly rock but never losing that classic ethnic flavour.

Derek Di Perri 

Born in 1978, started his performances as an harmonica player moved by the desire to play the blues and in the first place the songs by The Rolling Stones. He eventually got more and more interested in including the harmonica's sonority in different contexts than the regular blues style, and that is well reflected in the music of Slivovitz, band in which he performes as a founding member. Even if he started to play with the aspiration to play classic blues music, Derek Di Perri is indeed a supporter of the spreading of other musical cultures and styles, different from than the anglo - american ones that drive the market. The harmonica players  that have inspired him most are John Popper from Blues Traveler for diatonica harmonica and of course Toots Thielemans for chromatic harmonica. Nonetheless, he considers Howard Levy the greatest musician on Earth.

Riccardo Villari

Violinist. Has a particular love for music from India and the Balkanic area, but is deeply involved in rock, blues and electronic music too. Other than being a Slivovitz member, he’s the leader of the Willy Balkan’s Travel Agency and plays, among the others, with calabrese singer Mujura and the swing quartet Speakeasy. He’s one of the founders of Slivovitz and loves swimming.

Vincenzo Lamagna

Born in Naples 1988 from a musical family, he starts studying electric bass with M° Luigi Sigillo at his 13 then he enters the double bass class of M° Clazolari at the Conservatory San Pietro a Majella in Naples. Getting more and more involved in jazz music and improvised music (in its various shapes) he starts very early an intese live activity. He left the conservatory to join the Jazz Performing course with M° Valerio Silvestro. Slivovitz member since 2011, he plays with his father, the singer Gianni Lamagna, with Mujura (Stefano Simonetta) and Pietro Santangelo Trio. He’s also part of the collective Crossroads Improring and has played, among the others, with Daniele Sepe, Mario Insenga, Dimos Dimitriadis, Antonello Paliotti, Valerio Silvestro, Giulio Martino, Salvatore Oliva and Alessio Arena.

Salvatore Rainone

Born in 1986 in Nola (NA). Starts his drum studies at the age of 8 with M° Domenico Perroni, than he increase his knowledge of jazz music with M° Giuseppe La Pusata and attends several workshops with Trilok Gurtu, Anotnio Sanchez and Mark Guliana. He had previously collaborated with: Stefano Bollani, Pietro Condorelli, Paul Geoffrey, Domenico Angarano, Marcello Giannini (Rava Noir), Pietro Santangelo, Marco Sannini, Bruno Tommaso, Dimos Dimitriadis, Daniele Sepe, Giulio Martino, Flavio Dapiran, Sergio Fusaro, Enzo Orefice, Raffaele Carotenuto, Domenico Andria, Enzo Nini, Antonio Imparato, Antonio Capasso.

Pietro Santangelo

He is born, living and playing in Napoli. Saxophonist and composer, he is mainly interested in jazz, rock, ethnic and electronic music. Leader of his Trio (PS3), and stable member of collective Crossroads Improring, he’s interested and present in the Italian scene of radical improvisation collaborating with Franco Ferguson, Elio Martusciello ed Officina Arti Soniche and Collettivo NISE. Natural born multi-instrumentalist he has played, among the others, with con Enzo Avitabile, Giovanni Imparato, Marzouk Mejri, Dennis Bovell, Daniele Sepe, Marcello Colasurdo, Marco Messina (ELEM, 99Posse), Ludovica Manzo, Rod Taylor, Salvatore Tranchini, Agostino Mennella, Lisa Mezzacappa, Mimmo Langella, Marco Zurzolo, Jenny Sorrenti. He’s graduated in Physics with a thesis in Digital Signal Processing and in Electronic Music with a work on Musical Minimalism, as an electronic musician he has recently composed the original sound track for a documentary film on the works of William Kewntridge.

Ciro Riccardi

Trumpet player and composer , is graduated in Jazz Music at the San Pietr a Majella Conservatory of Naples. He actually plays in different music styles from popular music for little band, to swing, through jazzrock and many other collaborations. Very active as studio and live sessionman, in the last years has also often worked in many theatrical pieces with Armando Punzo, Pippo Del Bono, Peppino Mazzotta, Antonella Monetti and others. As a big band member he had recorded and performed live with Adam Pudolph and Paul Gaspar. Frequently he has collaborated with Daniele Sepe’s “Contrabbanda” and “Brigata Internazionale” and, as in the recording sessions of “Capitan Capitone e i Fratelli della Costa”. He founded the swing big band “Uanema Orchestra” and he is active in the Crossroads Improring collective of free improvisers. His first solo album “racconti di vinile” is published by italian label “alfa music” and features Peppe Servillo on voclas. In the 2017 he works as arranger for neapolitan singer Dolores Melodia, and with her he starts a little marching band called “Devoti a Viviani” which he also directs.

Marcello Giannini

Born in Naples 1982 started his private study qith Domenico Langella and Giulio Martino; after graduating at Conservatory San Pietro a Majella of Naples, he refined his studied at the In.Jam jazz master in Siena Jazz, here he wins a scolarship that allows him playing with Enrico Rava. With Rava he will subsequently record two album published for “Italian Jazz Live” serie by L’Espresso and “Rava on the Dancefloor” (ECM 2012) . He has showed up in many festival as Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival, Roma Jazz’s Cool alla Casa Del Jazz, Zsiget Festival, Teano Jazz Festival, M¸vÈszetek Vˆlgye Valley of Arts, Debrecen Music Festival, Arena Flegrea, Ethnojazz Music festival, European Jazz Expo, Umbria jazz, Pescara Jazz Festival, Nisville Jazz festival, etc. As a live and studio sessionman he collaborated, among the others, with Insuladulcamara, Daniele Sepe, Marco Messina, 99 Posse, Ludovica Manzo. As a leader he has produced two records with the italian label “Auand” (Frammenti, Digital Desert) and he also leads Arduo a jazz cora duo with the drummer Andrea de Fazio. He’s one of the founder of Crossroads Improring which, with Franco Ferguson collective from Roma, organize live sessions of free improvisation.